Purpose – Clarity In Strategic Objectives

Purpose and meaning give energy to all human pursuits. Business success is no different. Your human resources (your People), infused with a clear and properly communicated purpose are far more motivated than by the  profit motive alone.

Recent company strategies have begun to use “green” or ” sustainable” project labels and as the purpose to encourage the younger generation of workers to new levels of commitment and performance. The thought being that alignment with their personal purpose gives additional meaning to the tasks and benefit to a job well done. Senior management can greatly increase the company’s strength and stability in adverse economic circumstances given a pervasive understanding of company aims and the required milestones.

This clarity must define the who and what with exact specificity. Using the SMART* goal setting acronym ensures all who are responsible and accountable for execution of sub-projects and contributing tasks. Being held accountable for the job-relevant planning and delivery builds confidence and pride in employees. This is just common sense and in successful organizations is equally applicable to any project or strategic goal that involves more than one resource.

At 3PG (3PinesGroup.com) we apply the above to all our consulting assignments and even our personal pursuits. You can count on us to keep you well-informed on the tasks, progress (or lack thereof) and those who are accountable for each deliverable.

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