People-Centered Plans & Tactics

Heres a sample caption, with a sample image aligned left.

Here’s a sample caption with an image aligned left.

People-centered project planning takes into account the unique and optimal skills required and delegates tasks to those competent to achieve success. A project manager must have the ability to sense and harness each individual as a part of the team.The measure of a PM’s properly assessed and assigned task relevant to the skills of each individual is a sense of confidence throughout the project that the team can rise to any challenge. This confidence is further enhanced with a leadership style of management as opposed to a command and control approach.

The Agile Scrummaster (a new age software PM) takes a nearly hands off approach and encourages a self-organizing team to develop. Those with leadership tendencies and capacity naturally have followers fall in rank and rely on them to help problem resolution and the forward movement toward the goals.  Planning and task delegation in this context is nearly always a volunteer; meaning someone who does feel confident in their ability to do the work and not disappoint the team.

Being People-Centered in the tactical execution of a plan builds the team by instilling a self-reliant and encouraging micro-culture. If your projects are lacking resiliency, stability and self-confidence, discover and rely on the natural gifts and characteristics of your individual team members; trust them with your support. If you lack in this ability, find a certified Scrummaster, or an Agile PM to help you understand the more collaborative and people-centered approach.

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