Strategic Innovation Management

You’ve been frustrated by brainstorming sessions gone off course. If only they had a proper facilitator. Productivity requires a skilled manager to help steer the raw horsepower of your planning team; keeping them on the path to a successful arrival at their intended destination.3PG will help you arrange any meetings, run them as a facilitator and document the outcomes for final approval and action. The solutions coming from these strategic meetings is only the start of the innovation process; application of new solutions needs a project-like structure with documented requirements, and development of implementation plans enough to bring them to implicit or explicit markets.

We’ll help Shepard your creative energies from concept to a new market offering and new revenue streams. Give us a call and let’s talk.

Technology Management Program UCSB: Innovation Strategy

Alexander Manu is a strategic innovation practitioner, international lecturer and author. He works with executive teams in Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as consumer packaged goods, media, advertising, mobile communications and manufacturing. In his client and research work, Alexander transforms organizations by exploring and defining new competitive spaces, the development of new strategic business competencies and creation of imaginative innovation methods. He believes that the exploration of possibility requires imagination as a prerequisite for strategic change and innovation. Series: Technology Management Program [9/2010] [Business] [Show ID: 18597]