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Responsive Web Design has become the deciding factor in whether your products or services get or stay listed in Google search. Not having an adaptive website (i.e. designed to be responsive to the customer’s device size) will be a traffic crusher to those who ignore it; maybe even more so than the dreaded Google Slap or frequent algorithm changes.

3PG can enlist and manage the conversion of your current website (you are online aren’t you?) into a responsive design fit to your customers and their mobile usage.

The Numbers Are Clear: Mobile Is Taking Over The World ( is an article exposing the recent progression of the mobile invasion. Just like in the War of the Worlds movie, with humans being desktop /laptop, the Aliens (Mobile devices) are intent on total penetration and annihilation of the market. In business, manager must follow the trends or be left jobless.

Research the Mobile Marketing trends ( ) of late and see that the instant purchase capability of tablet/mobile devices is growing at an increasing rate and will soon eclipse the desktop/laptop browsing consumers [].

Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3

Responsive Web Design – Programming With Anthony

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A few weeks ago we released two different introductory articles about HTML5 and CSS3, and I promised you we’d do some cool stuff together in the upcoming months. Well, I have been working hard on this video tutorial and I really hope you enjoy it.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a responsive website using HTML5/CSS3 from scratch. So rather than talking about, let’s get straight to it. I hope you will leave me feedback in as I would like to get hear some of your opinions very, very much!

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