Project Management Consulting

How can you reach your business goals? You plan, assess the risks, adjust the plan then rally your people to the cause. Our project management consulting service takes on this responsibility and allows you to focus on building revenue not on being the mechanic under the hood. You started your business to grow cash flow, expand your product or service offerings and gain market share from your competition. Let us take on the projects that will help you carry out your dreams or just support a worry free infrastructure.

Projects can be Information Technology related, process re-engineering or related to mentoring your managers to be project managers themselves. We can remove the limitations to your achieving your strategic goals and growing your business.

How Do I Interview for a Project Management Consulting Assignment?

Project Management consultants can get those jobs not by interviewing but by having conversations that show off your talents. Rosemary Hossenlopp, PMP provides tips on how to structure your time in front of a hiring manager to get the job you want.